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Southern Africa StoryMaps

During the spring of 2019 nineteen Furman University students traveled within southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, and Batswana) learning about global health, environmental systems, and the complexity of the connections within and between.  Throughout students captured a sense of place via photographs. These personal photos are used below to tell stories of coupled human natural systems and seeds of a good anthropocene. Each of the stories are linked below; just select the box and arrow in the bottom right corner to explore their story. 

Hayden Braun

Allie Hargrove

David Savini

Sydney Kittrell

Margot Fumo

Anne Hayden Wray

Anna Ford Pittard

Virginia Britt

Caroline Wolcott

Zach Hughes

Noelle Best

Griffen Mills

Bailey Bradford

Anna Scott Myers

Sarah McLean

Rachel Keck

Catherine Lippert

Ryan O'Hara

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