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Future decision-makers must understand complex relationships inherent to sustainability issues and have a solid grounding in science and research. This need drives my passion for teaching. My responsibility as an instructor and mentor is to support students' intellectual curiosity and facilitate their professional development. 


Classes (current classes in bold)


Biology and the Environment 


Tropical Ecology

Environment and Society

Research and Analysis 

Birds and Society 

Costa Rica MayX 

Biology Seminar

Ecological Economics


Teaching Grants & Awards

Resources for the ACS Sustainability Blended Learning Library, 2014

Buckman iPad Initiative, 2014

Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching (FIRST IV) for Postdoctoral Scholars, 2011

North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Teaching Award of Merit, 2010

UNL IANR Teaching Assistant Holling Family Award for Teaching Excellence, 2010

Teaching Philosophy 
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